Autumn DeWilde

Photographer and director, Autumn DeWilde, picked up the photo trait from her father, Jerry DeWilde, who photographed musical talents Jimi Hendrix, and other 1960’s icons. Today, Autumn DeWilde has photographed an impeccable range in the faces of music. From musicians like Beck, Elliott Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to recent sounds waves like Alabama Shakes and Yuna. DeWilde has become an incredible force in the editorial industry since her work with Rodarte and Cadillac, who gave her full creative control for their Escalade campaign. Honestly, how many women can say that?! DeWilde has been a long time inspiration to me, so it only felt natural that I feature a woman who is so well rounded, and grounded when it comes to her work and family life. You can see what Autumn DeWilde is up to if you follow her (and her awesome daughter, Arrow) on Instagram!

Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins, 2012.
Party Hat Cat, 2011.
Dream Weavers (Emma’s 13th Birthday), 2012.
Crippled Satellite, 2010.

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