Last Saturday the Nomad Gallery in LA hosted the all girl showcase, HoneyHaus, which featured 17 female artists. Everything from photography, punk embroidery, skateboards, to balloon art. There were even custom HoneyHaus pins (I love mine!) and patches to keep up with the DIY cult theme. Both indoors and outdoors, the crowd was alive, the beers ran dry, and the music kept spinning thanks to DJ sets by Tuna Tardugno, Jen of Bleached, Yasi of Cultist zine, and Allie Ihm. I can’t tell you how inspired I was throughout the evening checking out the work of photographers like Joy Newell and Megan McIsaac, whom I’ve loved since my very first photo class in high-school. Needless to say, I fan girl’d, hard. Super proud and thankful to Amanda Brown for curating such a kick ass event!

Here are some recaps of the night:

HoneyHaus is curated by photographer Amanda Brown.
Nomad Gallery is located at 1993 Blake Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

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