Rebecca Reeve

Marjory’s World is a two part series, where London turned New York native, Rebecca Reeve drew inspiration from the ritualistic practices of 1800s Holland.

“During the wake of the deceased, it was customary to cover all the mirrors, landscape paintings and portraits in the home with cloths. It was believed this would make it easier for the soul to leave the body and subdue any temptations to stay in this world.”

Reeve used this inspiration to create other worldly landscapes during her AIRIE residency in the Everglades back in December 2012. She purchased curtain fabrics from Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in Florida, which Reeve refers to as a seam of “social fabric” that holds an attachment of history, creating a drape of visual familiarity in her images.

Untitled (Marjory’s World II, 26), 2013
Untitled (Marjory’s World II, 33), 2013
Untitled (Marjory’s World II, 29), 2013
Untitled (Marjory’s World II, 37), 2013

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