Kimberly Johnson

This past Saturday, local vintage store, La Bomba, got a taste of what part urban explorer, and full on photojournalist, Kimberly Johnson photographs.

Shit Off My Bedroom Wall, explores Kimberly’s bedroom wall art, while featuring some pretty awesome zines and stickers made by friendly others. Can I just say how ingenious I thought it was to include an installation shot of the show itself? Said it. Meant it. Felt it.

From words to pictures, Kimberly is immersed in the art culture. When she isn’t out attending and capturing moments of art avenues of her liking, Kimberly embraces the dismissal of everyday portraiture through her portraits of punk-like, burger lovin’ gentlemen, captured in their element.

To view more of Kim’s work, visit her website:

He Could Have Had a Name and I Wouldn't Even Know It (Pt. 2), 2013.
He Could Have Had a Name and I Wouldn’t Even Know It (Pt. 2), 2013
Justin, 2014
Justin, 2010

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