5 Must See Fall Photo Shows



LOS ANGELES — #girlgaze: a frame of mind  is an interactive, digitally driven exhibit for all ages that maps the imaginative landscape of young, female-identifying photographers from around the world. Largely sourced through social media, the curated images’ raw vitality is their only constant – diverse perspectives are presented on everything from identity and standards of beauty to relationships, mental health, and creativity. While viewing these stunning, never-before-exhibited images, visitors will have the opportunity to create and share their own photos on social media.

The exhibit curators are Girlgaze, a collective founded by the famed British-born television host, women’s advocate and photographer, Amanda de Cadenet. Girlgaze began as a social media movement with over 450,000 submissions on Instagram and has grown into the first multimedia platform to support girls behind the camera. In addition to its digital showcase for images, Girlgaze provides a larger ecosystem supporting the work and careers of fledgling female photographers, artists and creatives, from providing grants to securing jobs.

#girlgaze: a frame of mind opens this weekend at the Annenberg Space for Photography.



LOS ANGELES— Infinity Room is pleased to present the work of Los Angeles based artist, MJ Katz, whose first solo exhibition, So Long: So Far, deconstructs the nature of home with regard to place. Following displacement from her childhood house, the artist embarked on a cathartic process of documenting herself in the place she grew up.

MJ’s presence in the frame as both illuminated guide and figure, is the same illumination one receives when the realization settles in that you can no longer visit the spaces that have kept you whole. The dark vignettes of her frame juxtaposed by the intimate illumination of the self allows the artist to pull the viewer across the spectrum of naked, yearning vulnerability to empowered confidence.

Her work is made eerie by nature of its transitory state from dwelling to ruin, capturing a site in the process of losing its quality of home by no longer providing a safe space for the artist. In this series, she sorts through, reminisces, boxes up, and discards the ways in which she defines and quantifies home. A butterfly no longer needs its cocoon; a ghost fulfills its haunt; MJ Katz says “So Long.”

You can see So Long : So Far during the artist reception on Friday, October 21st from 6pm t0 9pm, at Infinity Room on West Adams.

Infinity Room | 5413 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 




NEW YORK— In her latest photographs Talia Chetrit has structured a series of performative scenarios in which the artist uses her body, and that of her partner (you can find him displayed usually as a hairy limb, respectfully), to destabilize the conventions of self-portraiture and its mechanisms of control.

The shutter release, along with mirrors in her studio, deconstructed clothing, and multiple cameras, are tools with which Chetrit sets up deliberate triangulations that present us with critical openings. It is through these openings that we see the artist repeatedly demonstrating her submission to her own process as an act of authorial agency.

There’s an element of Baldessari present in Chetrit’s work that makes the self-nude humorous and inviting. One of the only images of her face shows the artist grinning widely having placed tiny mirrors over her eyes. In fact, the title of the work is appropriately named Mirror Eyes (2016). Here Chetrit displays the simultaneous performance of ‘seeing’and also a willful, humorous blindness.

Talia Chetrit’s work will be on display at Kaufman Repetto now until October 31, 2016.



LUXEMBOURG— Wild Project Gallery is at it again with another otherworldly exhibition featuring the Parisian based, Australian photographer, Vee Speers. Life is present in the work of Vee Speers, symbolising moments of peaceful solitude in a world that is becoming increasingly complex.

The exhibition Jardin Secret eternalizes the fragility of beauty through a double lens of childhood and black and white botanical portraits, which the artist then colors to create a sense of transformation in a chaotic world. The portraits feel ethereal through their fresh new hues, not natural enough to be the mirror of our reality but animated by a powerful breath of new life.

Jardin Secret is on now until October 20th at Wild Project Gallery, 22, rue Louvigny L-1946 Luxembourg.

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-12-08-13-amJESSICA BACKHAUS | SIX DEGREES OF FREEDOM

BERLIN— With Art Week Berlin and Unseen Amsterdam coming to a close, new works by German photographer Jessica Backhaus have been circling the minds of photo enthusiasts and art goers alike. Luckily one gallery is showcasing the photographer’s recent series, Six Degrees of Freedom, which examines themes of origin, yearning, identity, and destiny based on Backhaus’ personal revisitation to sites from her childhood.

Robert Morat Gallery showcases Six Degrees of Freedom now until November 19th.

+ Read my interview with Jessica Backhaus on Foto Infinitum.

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