Print Giveaway No.1


I’ve decided to start my first print giveaway, and so with pleasure, I’m offering to one lucky winner a 5×7 print of my digital collage Hypnotized which features personal photo scraps from my series, Salvation Mountain.

If you are in need of some colorful art to add to your walls, or office, leave a comment below to enter and I’ll pick a winner next week, Saturday, September 30th! 


Congratulations to winner — and totally coincidental — photographer Desilu Munoz! Super happy this piece gets a creative home for life!


The Promise of Sublime Words by Ewa Doroszenko

Sent to us by Ewa Doroszenko, a visual artist based in Warsaw, Poland. Her project The Promise of Sublime Words started out as a means to show Ewa’s favorite statues she had learned about during her art history doctoral studies. Her time studying brought her face to face with many books on the Classical era’s sculptures.

Cutting out fragments of the images, Ewa incorporated platforms, and made small compositions of the elegant Greek gods. The ancient philosophers and leaders are treated like paper figures in Ewa’s distorted views.

Once Ewa finished her compositions, she would reshoot them and begin printing on a larger scale than the original to create a hybrid of photo sculpture works. Take a look below:


For more images from this series, view The Promise of Sublime Words in its entirety here, and be sure to follow Ewa on Instagram.